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Like a lot of people I’ve been fascinated by David Goggins after I first heard about him and his accomplishments.

I believe this is the first exposure I had to him:

Impressive stuff.

I’ve listened to numerous podcasts where he was a guest and watched numerous interviews, so when I heard he had written a book I was like – “Roger That!” and ordered my copy immediately.

Can’t Hurt Me is that book and it does not disappoint.

From launch it’s pretty clear he had a ghost writer, no big surprise there, but that writer did a great job of translating his passion and manner of speech. It really does read like he’s talking to you.

I knew quite a bit about his past, but the book dug deep into those topics and shed light on some new stuff. Let me tell you, if 50% of what is written in this book actually happened, it’s an amazing story.

David Goggins is like the hard motherf**ker version of Forest Gump.

He goes in-depth on what it took him to overcome abuse, racism, learning disabilities, health issues, and a healthy amount of self-loathing to become a US Navy SEAL, US Army Ranger, US Air Force Traffic Controller, champion ultra runner, Ironman, world record holder, and even wildfire fighter.

You may not like his personality but you can’t deny his drive to constantly make himself a better human – and if you take some of his advice, maybe you too.