System setup change?

Currently, I use my 13″ MacBook Pro as a second screen next to my 24″ (1920×1200) monitor, but, I’ve been kicking around the idea of dropping down to just the laptop.


I’m just getting tired of constantly unplugging everything from my laptop whenever I want to carry it off. Last year I actually did this very thing and it lasted quite a while, maybe a few months.

Way back in 2009, when I bought this laptop, I debated heavily whether I should get the 13″ or 15″ model. My previous MacBook Pro was a 15″ model and I absolutely loved it, but I was wanting something more portable. These days I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t go with the larger screen. If I had that laptop I probably wouldn’t have even picked up the external monitor.

Going from 24″ + 13″ worth of screen real estate down to just the 13″ will be a challenge, but, I’ll just lean on full screen apps and spaces more.

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