Kindle books or physical copies?

For my recent 40th birthday (yeah, yeah, I’m old) my wife got me one of those new Kindle Paperwhites. It is awesome. I love the size, the screen, everything.


After some thought about book ownership, and some recent events in the news where some people are getting their entire [Kindle library wiped due to terms infringement]( I’ve been wondering about this whole digital book concept. Or, more specifically, the Amazon controlled book library.

I love the idea of the Kindle, and I love it’s execution, but I’m having a hard time buying into the whole deal. It really makes me nervous and doesn’t make me want to buy too many books on that thing. Not to mention I really like the idea of a physical library of books you’ve read or intend on reading.

If you have any opinion or advise, please comment on this post.

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